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Reduce the use of more plastic bags

Suitable for home use, supermarket, and green grocery shopping

When shopping, classify it by the way

Go home and store directly into the refrigerator, no need to classify.


Our grocery cart organizer known as trolley bags streamline your entire shopping experience.

Our reusable bags connect in the cart to give you full access and high-visibility as you shop and faster check-out times.

They stand tall & upright for easier unloading once home. And, they fold up as one to fit compactly in the back of a shopping cart or car.

These reusable grocery bags feature reinforced straps and long handles to enable comfortable over-the shoulder carry and can be used individually for all kinds of shopping and other activities; 

Package Contents:

1 SET-4PCS(1 x Blue Bag, 1 x Red Bag, 1 x Green Bag and 1 x Orange Bag)

Product specification

Product material: non-woven fabric mesh fabric plus PP tube

Sizes: 43 x 20 x 42cm ( blue ), 46 x 20 x 48cm ( red ), 49 x 25 x 53cm ( green ), 50 x 29 x 57cm ( orange )

Product weight: 0.8600 kg



They are very practical although for my taste they are big.


very useful 

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