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Reusable heavy-duty linoleum clips make it easy to set up your tent.


Unique Locking ClampΒ – The interface of clips is in teeth-shaped, and the Spiral buckle design can clamp the tarpaulin to a maximum degree, no need to worry a fallen off the problem.

Waterproof & WindproofΒ – After fixing the tent with tarp clip, provide instant anchor from the ground, can withstand strong winds, will not accumulate water even in heavy rain.

Durable MaterialsΒ – The tarp clips are made of durable materials that are tough and strong.

Easy to UseΒ – Grip the edge of the tarpaulins, push on and screw down jaws to grip, lastly use the Bungee cord to secure.

Wide ApplicationΒ – For its strong holding power, the clips can be used in awnings, caravans, tarps, canes, boat covers, suitable for outdoor camping, sailing, or picnics.

Unique locking clamp:

The spiral design can clamp the tarpaulin to the greatest extent without worrying about replacement

Super high strength retention, a stable tent when the wind is up

Scope of application:

suitable for hooks, ropes, elastic ropes, canopies, boat covers, tents, etc.Β producing additional fixation


Material: ABS plastic


Package includesΒ – ( Take the five-piece suit as an example. οΌ‰

5 x Reusable Tarp Clips Awning Clamp

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